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For Workwear & Uniforms


Workwear Xtra can apply logos to items purchased from the website, the decorations we apply are:-

  1. Embroidery - provides a durable professional look.
  2. Screen Printing - great for large prints.
  3. Heat Transfers - single colour vinyls
  4. Heat Transfers - full colour printed vinyls

Each of these decoration types are suitable for different applications, these are listed below.

Decoration Type Suitable For
Less Suitable For

Professional looking
Chest or cap sized logos
Logos with multiple colours (<6)

Fine detail such as very small text, < 3 mm
Shading, some gradients are OK
Small qty of detailed logos due to setup costs
Can be expensive for large logos

Screen Printing

Print shading using 4 colours
Logos with much details
Large numbers of decorations

Quantity < 25 due to setup charges
Heat Transfers-Single Colour

Cotton & polyester substrates
Low quantities of simple logos

Small Text
Pictures with lots of details
Weeding of many small areas (<3 mm)
Large numbers of logos

Heat Transfers-Full Colour

Detail logos in 4 colour process printing
Logos with one contour cut around picture
Expensive for < 10 logos

Logos requiring excess "weeding"
Jackets or nylon substrates
Small quantities due to set up cost

The artwork requirements for each of these decoration types are:

  • Embroidery - .jpg, eps or .pdf.
  • Screen Printing & heat Transfers - Vector files required -.cdr (CorelDraw version X4 or lower), .eps vector file or .pdf vector file. - fonts to be converted to curves/outlines.