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Vinyl Transfers

Two types of vinyls are used:-.

  1. Single Colour Vinyl - a single colour vinyl is cut with a computer controlled vinly cutter to the required design and heat pressed onto the product. This is the ideal method to apply text only or simple logos to a small number of garments. .
  2. Digital Print Vinyl - a full colour logo is printed onto the vinyl and the countour edge cut with the printer/cutter, the vinyl transfers are then heat pressed onto the product. Suitable for larger quantities (i.e. >15) and can show great detail in the graphic.

Areas not required in a design are manually removed, this is called weeding and is an important consideration when checking the suitability of a design to be applied in vinyl.

Materials which can have vinyls applied include cotton, poly-cottons & polyester. Jackets are a special case, they can normally be decorated with single colour vinyls but full colour vinyl transfers may lift prematurely after washing and are not recommended.

Like other decorations, the cost to apply vinyls is quantity dependent. Typical prices (incl gst) are;

Chest $9.75 $8.50 $7.50
Backs $12.75 $11.25 $10.50
Chest   $10.00 $8.50
Backs   $14.50 $11.00


Chest Vinyl   Chest Size text Logos
Vinyl Backs   Back Designs
 Full Colour Chest Vinyl    
 Vinyl Full Colour Back    


To obtain a Quote to have decorations added to your garments or accessories, simply  Email Workwear Xtra with a picture of the decoration with the following information:-

  - Type of decoration required.
  - Number of colours required if less than that on the supplied image.
  - The products the logos are to be applied to.

  - The size of each decoration and the location on the item(s).
  - Attach a high resolution digital image for the logo required (jpg, gif, tiff, pdf or eps for embroidery, .eps or .pdf vector file for screen printing & heat transfers).